Book your event

   Once you have a date, time, and event in mind, contact Santa Les for a consultation. After discussing your particular situation, you will be sent a reservation form which outlines the various requirements and guidelines pertaining to your particular visit. After all details are agreed upon, you will be asked to sign the form and return it. You will then be notified that you are officially booked for that particular date and time.


Payment details

   Payment by cash or check should be enclosed in a card or envelope and discreetly submitted at the conclusion of the event.  Or, if you prefer, payment can be mailed to Santa's Nashville contact address ahead of the appointment.


Cancellation policy

   Please understand that due to the limited number of time slots available, demand gets heavier and heavier the closer one gets to Christmas day! When you book a certain time slot, that means that it instantly becomes unavailable to all others! Therefore, out of courtesy, please let Santa know as soon as possible if your appointment must be cancelled.


   In the unlikely event that Santa himself must cancel, an emergency fill-in Santa will be sought to take his place.




    Feel free to contact Santa Les with any questions or concerns you might have, with no further obligation whatsoever.