Home Visits

"Santa Standard"...

There is something extra special about Santa (and perhaps Mrs. Claus) showing up at your very own home ahead of the BIG night (Christmas Eve, of course)!  Typical activities are greeting time, picture-taking, perhaps an early Christmas gift, storytelling by Santa, reading one or more Christmas story books, games, songs, etc. Santa Les will discuss your needs in detail, along with giving advice and suggestions.

       The "Santa Standard" is the most popular visit choice, and typically lasts up to 45 minutes.

       >Cost is $125.  Moreover, if you agree to make an extra $50 donation to your favorite charity sometime in the new year, Mrs. Claus will be glad to come along for free!  

       The "Santa Deluxe" is an option for slightly older children with longer attention spans who you feel might benefit from a visit up to 90 minutes in length.  This visit usually includes Santa's puppet dog who has been known to do a little magic for the children.

       >Cost is $150.  Mrs. Claus can also come along for free, under the same terms as above.

"Santa Deluxe"...
Parties and other gatherings

Santa visits at malls and retail venues fulfill a very real need, and those Santas  and their assistants work very hard!  However, you may have a desire for a slightly quieter, convenient, and more customized Santa visit.  This could be a corporate party or event, office party, neighborhood clubhouse gathering, etc. Santa Les would be happy to discuss your specific situation and needs with you.

          >Cost begins at $125 for first hour, $50 each addt'l half hour.  Upon request, Mrs. Claus will accompany Santa for free, if you agree to donate an extra $50 to your favorite charity sometime in the new year.

Hospitals and Nursing homes

Depending upon availability, Santa and Mrs. Claus would be happy to visit individuals you might know in these or similar institutions. You would be responsible for making all arrangements and clearances with the appropriate personnel.

          >Cost is free.

Cookies with Mrs. Claus

Imagine how much fun it would be for Mrs. Claus to come to your home to actually help your children bake and decorate Christmas cookies(Santa's favorite snack)! Cookie dough, cookie cutters, and basic decorating supplies are provided. Allow approximately an hour and a half for this activity.

          >Cost is $140.